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Paint Colours

When you want to create a stunning room, the Niagara Star Painters in Niagara Falls offer luxurious, serenity colours for 2015 that deliver an inspiring and inviting space for you and your family.   

The professionals at Niagara Star Painters know that updating a room with new paint is a great way to stay informed about new ideas and colour trends that may inspire you and your particular space!


Considered a favourite in recent years, dusty blue colours that make you think of the sea are constantly showing up in homes. Lovely shades of dark blue on walls are often paired with bright colours like yellow and gold, and textures like copper and brass.


Although pastel white is not really a new trend, it works for those more on the minimalist side. Shades of white, ivory, and beige are being used to offset deep and rich colours, vibrant fabric and textiles, and statement pieces in wood that make you appreciate neutrals in a whole new way.


Ash grey is perfect for stylish and calming design ideas. Light grey hues can create contemporary room colour schemes with small room accessories in bright red, pink red and peachy orange colours.


Sage green bring fresh colour accents are also beautiful for the interior. Light green combined with blue, grey and white colours work great with neutrals, light and elegant living spaces.

Allow your room to stay fresh and on trend by adding decorative accessories that you can easily swap out with the seasons such as a new rug, throw pillows, a beautiful vase or tea towels for the kitchen.

No matter what you choose, next year’s trend in home décor is all about slowing down and creating peaceful areas to unwind!

Looking for colour combination – possibilities for every taste? For more information on offered services at Niagara Star Painters, call 905-354-7447 to speak with a consultant today!

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