5 must have painting tools

Painting Projects

When it comes to painting your home, the Niagara Star Painters in Niagara Falls use the best tools to help you achieve beautiful, lasting results.

A good roller can give you higher quality finish and reduce the amount of time spent on most paint jobs. Be sure you choose one that has a steel frame, a metal cage, and the ability to hold an extension pole. Use a shorter cover for the interior that needs to be smooth and a longer works better for exterior painting, especially textured walls and ceilings.

Pad applications are flexible and can get into those tight groves easily. These tools are flat and do not spatter, or leave a lot of texture in the finished coat, making it a must have for all of the edging work you will do.

Invest in a paintbrush. The professionals at Niagara Star Painters know that a brush can make the painting job easier and allow you more control when you are working on the trim. Synthetic brushes are a great choice that you can clean and use multiple times, while a cheap brush will fall apart and leave bristles in the paint and on your wall.

Tarps protect your flooring and counters. This is the most common mistake that homeowners make is thinking they will not drip paint.  Most latex paints will clean up with water on most surfaces but if it dries you may have a permanent problem.

Finally, quality tape will help mask off your woodwork and flooring. If you plan on leaving the tape down for more than a day you should consider buying blue tape that won’t leave marks behind.

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