How to prevent common paint problems

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If you want to give your home a brand new look, the Niagara Star Painters in Niagara Falls can help you properly prepare the surface to prevent your paint from failing.


Having too many coats when painting is a big mistake. As paint thickness builds up over time, and the coatings get older, they lose their flexibility. When the surface expands because of temperature and moisture, the paint is no longer flexible enough to move with the surface. It is not uncommon to put a coat of paint on surface, only to have many layers of paint peel away. When this happens, the surface must be stripped.  


Properly prime your walls prior to painting. Niagara Star Painters understand that one of the most common reasons for bubbles is applying paint or primer to a wall that hasn’t been cleaned. Sanding, dust and general dirt must be removed before you start your project. If dust or dirt are trapped under the paint, the film will bubble over time. To prevent bubbles when repainting, you must not use an oil based paint on top of a latex paint. Without a special primer the paint will not dry properly and it won’t be able to stick to the latex surface.


Give paint time to dry. Trying to lay a new coat of paint on top of a layer that is not completely dry is just going to make a mess. The new paint won’t be able to set properly on top of still wet first layer underneath. Using high quality paint can also prevent cracks. Although you might want to save a few bucks, low quality paint does not have the same adhesion to stick to the walls as paint of a higher quality.

Taking the time to carefully prepare and not cutting corners while completing the project will be worth it in the long run! For more solutions to paint problems and offered services at Niagara Star Painters, call 905-354-7447 to speak with a consultant today.

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